Parental Involvement

Parent involvement is a focus of the St Mary MacKillop Primary community. We believe that parents play a key role in the education of their child and the life of our school.

There are many and varied opportunities for parents to become involved in our school. In preparing the learning programs for each grade, the needs of each individual child are carefully considered. Most times these needs can be met through class instruction and experience, but there are times when additional group instruction or individual attention is needed.

To help meet such a variety of needs, we ask parent assistance and cooperation. Some of the areas that require assistance are:

  • reading groups
  • story writing skills
  • craft activities
  • developmental play
  • sporting groups
  • library work
  • public speaking
  • computers
  • classroom maintenance
  • excursions and activities

Please contact the school office if you can assist in any of the above areas.

The Parent and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association is a vital part of our school community. Since the opening of our school the parents of the children who attend St Mary MacKillop have greatly contributed to its development.

The Association organises fundraising activities to raise money to buy additional learning materials for the children in the school. Social events are also organised so the parents can continue to build and maintain the good community spirit that is evident in the school. Every parent is welcome to attend all functions and a continued response from each family is needed.


Parents Representative Council (PRC)

The PRC is the parent body for the Parramatta Diocesan Schools (including St Mary MacKillop Primary).  The current PRC representative can be contacted through the school office.

The aim is to actively promote the interest and image of Catholic education in the schools of the Diocese of Parramatta by bringing together parent representatives of all schools in true partnership with the Bishop of the Diocese and the Parramatta Diocesan Catholic Schools Council.

Meetings are held once per term - all parents are welcome but only the representative has voting rights. Further information on the PRC is available on the Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta website.


The Council of Catholic School Parents (CCSP)

The CCSP is the state parent body for Catholic schools with a representative from each of the 11 Diocese of NSW and ACT.

The council represents the parents of children in all Catholic schools in NSW and ACT at State and Federal level as well as providing a forum for discussing education issues and for representing a parent position which can be incorporated into State and Federal consideration of issues affecting schooling. The council is represented on numerous boards and committees, including the NSW Education Standards Authority, the Non-Government School Advisory Council, The Country Areas Program State Advisory Council and the Catholic Education Commission (CEC).

The Council has regular meetings with Ministers and other heads of Agency.


Start the Volunteer and Contractor Training

Volunteer Training

We welcome the contribution volunteers make to the life of our school.

As we are committed to keeping students safe, all volunteers in schools are required to complete the building child safe communities undertaking form and child protection training module before volunteering. These checks reduce potential risk and forms part of our strategy to build child safe communities.

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