School Notes

This page contains a copy of school notes published from May 2020.

If you require any further information please contact the school office.
  Consent Forms

Consent to use student images and works is not an annual procedure as legislated by the Commonwealth Government under the Privacy Act (2014). Consent forms for raffle tickets and for the use of student's images and/or works for all students. All parents must complete both forms and return them to school within 7 days specifying consent or non-consent.

  Information Technology Permission Note

Information Technology Permission Note

  MAI Bookings

MAI Bookings Note

  New Changes to Attendance

New Requirements for student absence and travel. 1-9 days absence: Parents must notify the school principal by mail or email. 10-100 days absence: Parents must complete and submit the Application for Extended Leave form prior to commencing leave. If approved the Principals issues a Certificate of Extended Leave.